Entrepreneurship is more than a buzzword in Fishers, it is a way of life and one of our core values. Grow in a city with a culture that nurtures young talent, connects great ideas with investors, challenges the status quo, takes calculated risks, and isn’t afraid of failure.
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The City of Fishers takes a comprehensive approach to economic LaunchFishers-Logo-Standarddevelopment, and growth from within is a critical component. In 2012, working with entrepreneur John Wechsler, Fishers expanded its efforts to include Launch Fishers, a collaborative space for high-impact entrepreneurs. 

What started with two members in the basement of the local library has grown to more than 600 entrepreneurs with businesses across a broad range of industry, including technology, health information, life sciences, biotech, consumer products and more. Today, Launch Fishers has expanded to a +50,000 sq. ft. building in the Delaware Tech Park in the Nickel Plate District--making it the largest co-working space in the Midwest. 

Launch Fishers is more than just a space. Opportunity abounds, and members are plugged into a community of collaboration with like-minded individuals, resources and mentors.

Learn more at launchfishers.com.