February Business Spotlight: Qualifi

February Business Spotlight: Qualifi

After gaining firsthand experience in the
challenges of recruiting and hiring qualified
workers,  now CEO and Co-Founder of Qualifi,
Darrian Mikell recognized an opportunity to
streamline the process.

“Qualifi was created out of a problem that I
faced myself. Prior to starting Qualifi, I was an
executive leader and part of the original team
at one of the fastest growing Indy startups Viral
Launch,” said Mikell.

Taking  on HR and recruiting roles, while with
Viral Launch, Mikell quickly recognized the time
consuming nature of the hiring process.

“I saw how simple activities like phone
interviews can add up in time, and I wanted to
figure out a better way. That is where the idea of
Qualifi came in,” said Mikell.

Following collaboration with brother and
original co-founder, Devyn Mikell, and the
on-boarding of two software developers,
Qualifi HR came to fruition.

From a high level, Qualifi’s platform allows
recruiters to record  and send custom
screening interview to job candidates.

The candidate can then listen and respond to
the questions via phone, at their earliest

“This removes scheduling hassels, enables
recruiters to be more productive, and creates
a convenient and pleasant experience for
candidates,” noted Mikell.

Currently working out of Launch Fishers, with
four employees, Mikell notes the startup has
plans for growth over the coming years.

“Growth is the priority, especially as a young
startup. Right now we are focused on
creating an amazing product and providing
the best service to our existing clients. The
more success they have, the easier it will be
for us to roll that into new client
relationships and grow our reach,” said Mikell.

The Qualifi platform is useful to a wide range
of industries with competitive recruiting
markets, including in-home care, hospitals,
public transportation, and field sales.

“We work with talent leaders in fast-paced
and competitive recruiting markets where
the majority of the people hired are the ones
that provide the end service to the
company’s clients,” said Mikell.

You can get more info on Qualifi at
https://go.qualifi.hr or reach out to Darrian at