November Spotlight: 1st Maker Space

November Spotlight: 1st Maker Space

Full Spotlight Here: 1st Maker Space

From manufacturing to construction and farming, the act of ‘making’ is a staple in the American economy. While technology has instigated change in these industries, the need for designers, innovators and problems solvers has persisted and will continue to grow.

As the Maker Movement becomes increasingly important in filling existing and future workforce voids in the new economy, one Fishers-based startup known as 1st Maker Space, is on a mission to spark an interest in experiential and hands-on learning among students.

“To be successful in the new economy, students need to be innovators and problem solvers.  Experience doing both is, not surprisingly, required to be good at both. Research has shown that making something is both engaging and motivating. Students who struggle in academic/theoretical areas often shine in the real/practical world,” said Kim Brand, Technology Advisor for 1st Maker Space.

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