October Business Spotlight: Voxi

October Business Spotlight: Voxi

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In 2015, after searching online for a novelty item he saw while watching a popular blockbuster, Nate Miller– now Founder and CEO of Voxi–began considering what would become a novel idea for an app. 

“I was watching Avengers ‘Age of Ultron’ and saw Tony Stark on screen with a very unique Bruce Lee t-shirt. I loved it and wanted to know where I could find one for myself,” said Miller.

After a search, which took entirely too long, Miller recognized the potential need for a service, for both viewers and brand creators, to identify products seen in multimedia content.

Miller’s realization, along with the reality of digital device use while watching television, led to the development of Voxi.

“We have created a white labeled app specifically for content creators (shows, movies, YouTube series, music videos, etc.) that serves as a platform to showcase products they viewer sees on screen,” said Miller.

As a white labeled app, Voxi leaves the promotion of the app up to the content creator utilizing the app, to spotlight items seen on their channels.

“We tailor the app to fit the brand of the content creator and it essentially acts as a marketplace for viewers to buy the products they are interested in, while watching the content,” noted Miller.

Currently focusing on the home renovation scene, Miller notes that Voxi targets both the content creator and the brands seen on the channels.

“We are currently expanding our sales and partnership team and will be focusing on client success managers as we forge ahead into this new market,” said Miller.

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