August Business Spotlight: CEDIA

August Business Spotlight: CEDIA

After leasing space for 10 years at its Indianapolis based headquarters, CEDIA– the trade association for home technology industries, made the decision to invest in a brand new HQ in Fishers.

“Fishers possesses a growing technology industry scene that suits the organization well, and the City’s family-friendly lifestyle fits the culture of our organization well,” said Senior Director of Operations, Leslie Lowes.

Initially established in 1989 by a group of audio/video hobbyist who sought an organization for support and collaboration in the cinema and home stereo market, CEDIA is now a full service industry organization, providing training and business development to its members throughout
the industry.

“Our goal is to serve our membership and the home technology integration industry. By serving our members and the industry well, we hope to provide outreach related to industries like design, architecture, and construction,” noted Lowes.

Currently comprised of 52 employees, including 40 employees located at the state of the art headquarters here in Fishers, CEDIA works with 3,700 member companies to to provide education, resources, and advocacy.

Like most organizations throughout the world, CEDIA has adapted to the new realities of office life, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The health, safety and well being of our employees, tenants, classroom attendees and guests are of upmost importance to us,” said Lowes.

Establishing a Task Force, with support from the City of Fishers’ Assessment Tool, CEDIA is practicing full transparency and offering flexibility for employees as they re-enter the workspace.

“We wanted to ensure that we are bringing staff back in a way that allows us to meet all safety protocols and guidance to help them feel safer when returning during these challenging times,”
said Lowes. “Beginning in July, we started a ‘request to work in office’ program which allows those who need to work in the office, to do so.”

While CEDIA has dealt with many COVID-19 related challenges, the organization has also welcomed the increased focus on home entertainment and technologies during this time, looking forward to the positive impact for the organization.

“Through the pandemic, home technology has never been more relevant. We are all doing more in our home than ever before. With all of that in mind,
we expect the home technology industry will only continue to expand and our membership will expand with it,” noted Lowes.

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