Business Spotlight: Anvl

Business Spotlight: Anvl

Making the Workplace Safer with Data

From predicting consumer behavior to identifying trends in workforce productivity, companies are increasingly turning to data, to improve and streamline their workplace functions.

Perpetuating the trend of data-based solutions in the workplace, is the software startup known as Anvl. Born just over a year ago, out of the venture studio, High Alpha, Anvl utilizes cloud-based technology to deliver workplace safety solutions to its customers, while increasing productivity among front line workers.

“Anvl helps predict and prevent injuries and deaths with workforce-first safety solutions. [Our] products seek to break through the plateau by changing the way we engage frontline workers with safety and by capturing true leading indicators before an incident occurs,” said Director of Product Diana Nolting”

Since their inception just over one year ago, Anvl has dramatically increased their customer base, primarily focusing on the higher risk service-based industries, including construction and energy.

“If you think about where workers are in those hazardous conditions, it could be any industry. It could be automotive, fleets, certainly the ones where you have a lot of high risk construction—energy, oil and gas, utilities, those are the ones that are really resonating right now for our  prospects, and our customers,” said CEO Robin Fleming in a recent interview on Inside Indiana Business, with Gerry Dick.

Anvl’s cloud-based software allows its customers to collect hundreds of employee and environmental metrics per day, providing real time insight to worker behavior and trends, impacting workplace safety.

Available directly on mobile devices, Anvl’s software reduces paper-based processes and supports the development of a customer workflow, with the goal of stopping injury before it happens.

“Our solution is a workforce first solution that we put in the hands of the frontline worker and their supervisors, and it works off-line, and gives companies great insight to information from a safety perspective,” said Fleming.

Reflective of the growing demand to replace antiquated workplace processes with tech- based solutions, Anlv has demonstrated rapid growth in their year of existence, just recently securing $2 million of seed funding.

In response to the startup’s impressive growth and acquired funding, Anvl recently announced plans to expand their operations in Fishers, investing $125,000 into permanent office space in the City’s downtown core.  Contributing to the growing tech workforce of Fishers, Anvl plans to create 41 new high wage jobs by the end of 2022.

“When we began exploring spaces and locations in Central Indiana in which to grow our business, we were immediately impressed by Fishers. The city of Fishers greeted our team as partners and facilitated an easy and seamless transition for Anvl. The City of Fishers showcased the locations, amenities and small business support that made our move an easy decision. We were quickly embraced not just into a new building, but also the business community as a whole,” said Nolting.

Aiming to continue their notable growth, Anvl looks to leverage the benefits of their new location to build partnerships and expand upon their client base.

“Anvl is excited to continue to help companies with workers in high-risk jobs predict and prevent injuries before they occur. We are eager to partner with companies ready to transform the way they approach safety in order to drive down the number and severity of incidents that occur. If your company is looking to improve the way it approaches safety, reach out to our team to learn more.”